China Fair Price Higher Speed Refurbished AMF Bowling Equipment 82-90XL

Refurbished AMF Bowling Equipment 82-90XL

Brand :Eternity

Product origin :China

Delivery time :Within 15 working days

Supply capacity :In stock

【Refurbished AMF Bowling Equipment 82-90XL】

  •  Plenty of stock in our Huizhou warehouse

  •  Stable model with good performance

  •  Higher speed for setting pins

  •  Low failure rate

  •  Long-life performance

  •  Strong structure

  •  Energy-efficient design

  •  Cost effective


What is included in the full package of bowling equipment?

  •  Pinspotter

  •  Ball Lift assembly

  •  Synthetic Lane & Foundation

  •  Scoring System

  •  Gutter & Capping

  •  Masking Unit

  •  Necessary accessories (pin/ball/shoes etc.)

  •  Spare parts package


Why choose refurbished bowling equipment

It is the best choice for investor to get stable function with a cost effective way. Investor can reduce time for cost-recovering.


For your information, 82-90XL Bowling Equipment is originally made in USA. Bowling is very popular in China 10 years ago, but declined shortly due to market changing & highly raised running cost.  The bowling equipments which we got from the closed bowling center are still in 80% ~ 90% new status. We refurbished these bowling equipments to make sure they look like new and perform like new.



What about Eternity services?

We offer one year warranty for our bowling equipment.  All the electrical items will be tested before delivery to make sure the equipment is in working status. And there will be an extra package of destructible parts along with shipment for warranty replacement.


Meanwhile, we provide professional installation service with training your technician for maintenance.

We have almost full spare parts in stock which can meet your urgent requirement. Strong after service support is the best guard for your bowling business.

Please feel free to give your inquiry in the form below. We will reply you in 24 hours.